Whack Your Boss


Left click to choose an object.

Whack your boss is a funny but slightly violent game. Here, you can give timely feedback on all the discomfort of the boss. If your boss is cocky about you at ordinary times, coming to Whack, your boss can let you get out of your anger and vent all your agitation.

Whack your boss’s game operations

Its operation is simple and easy to use, use the mouse to click on the screen. As an employee in Whack, your boss, when the boss is preparing a long speech, click on all loose items in the game screen, and it will become an aggressive killer.  When you’re done, click clean, and someone will automatically clean up the mess.

Whack your boss’s game features

Whack your boss’s style is a game to relieve the pressure you are being talked about by your boss.  Although the painting style is biased towards Jian Yuepai, there is no big problem in the setting direction. Clicking on a computer will also become an attack weapon. However, in the process of relieving anger, the picture will be a little violent and bloody, and the boss will be significantly attacked to alleviate pressure. If you have some frustration in your work, come to Whack your boss to vent your anger in various ways to see if you can find a way to concentrate?

If your boss gives you a lot of pressure and you dare to be angry and dare not speak, then you can choose to Whack your boss; This is a game that can let you release the pressure, and use all the equipment on the scene to strike the boss so that you can vent all your impatience and annoyance and turn it into a relaxed mood.

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